Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Certified in C.P.I.M

I completed all requirements to get certification in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) from American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS).

APICS CPIM designees are tested on essential terminology, concepts, and strategies related to demand management, procurement and supplier planning, material requirements planning, capacity requirements planning, sales and operations planning, master scheduling, performance measurements, supplier relationships, quality control, and continuous improvement.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

I completed all requirements for Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification, by demonstrating expertise in application of lean principles, statistical problem solving, and quality tools.

The actual certificate will be awarded in January 2012.

Friday, October 07, 2011

SCM Buddy article in IOM magazine, UK

October magazine issue of "The Institute of Operations Management", UK has an article on my Android app - SCM Buddy.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Going Green is truly rewarding !!!

I had another of my "Go Green" moment today. I was buying myself some groceries and at checkout, I gave my clubcard and told that I am carrying my own bag - I don't need yours.

The cashier gave me an extra clubcard point - Green point and Eureka! I reached yet another 100 points milestone!!!

Reward points aside, it gives a feel-good factor when you re-use your shopping bag - a small contribution to the environment - but hey! every little helps.

To know more about green-living, go to www.commonfloor.com/green-living

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What else I want in Google Wave

Over the last 3-4 days, I have been spending a lot of time on Google Wave and I have a wish-list of ideas which I would like Google to implement.

# Integration with Gmail, Google Docs.

# I should have control over which wave I want to be a participant in. For example, I don't want anybody in my contact list adding me to a certain wave [X] and then I have to unfollow it. I should get an email/wavelet where I can see all waves pending my approval for being a participant in there.

# When adding a new participant to the wave, I should decide whether he can see playback from creation of the wave, or from the moment he was added in.

# Smiley / Emoticons in waves.

# If I, as a creator of wave, add someone (by mistake), then I should be able to remove him/her before/after his approval to join.

# Export participants of a wave and import them in another wave. [view]

# Enable typing in draft mode.

# Right-click menus.

# Nick-names for my contacts - visible only to me.

# Pages. When a wave becomes loooong, then, viewer should have option to view it in a single page, or in multiple pages.

# Skins / Themes like in Gmail.