Wednesday, February 28, 2007

IIT-IIM grads launch Cricket Stock Exchange

Students from IIT Roorkee and IIM Ahmedabad have attempted to fuse corporate and cricket worlds by launching – Cricket Stock Exchange – on this virtual stock exchange, shares of international cricketers can be bought and traded by cricket fans, and the stock prices of cricketers will reflect their recent performance and what fans feel about them.

"The idea is to capture the mood and sentiments of cricket fans and translate them into numbers which will be reflected by stock-prices" informed Rahul Roushan, final year student of postgraduate programme of IIMA and one of the developers of the website. Currently the website has issued IPO (Initial Public Offering) of all the international cricketers of test-playing countries. A person gets one million of virtual cash as soon as he registers with the website and he can use that money to buy shares of any number of these cricketers. He has to bid within a specified price range for buying the shares of different cricketers.

More about functioning of the website can be known from

The team comprises of Rahul Roushan, Karthik Laxman, Siddartha Murlidharan (all of them final year MBA students of IIM Ahmedabad), and Mitanshu Garg (3rd year student of IIT Roorkee). Kaushik M (computer science alumnus for BITS, Pilani, and currently working as a software professional) gave valuable inputs to professionalize the website.