Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What else I want in Google Wave

Over the last 3-4 days, I have been spending a lot of time on Google Wave and I have a wish-list of ideas which I would like Google to implement.

# Integration with Gmail, Google Docs.

# I should have control over which wave I want to be a participant in. For example, I don't want anybody in my contact list adding me to a certain wave [X] and then I have to unfollow it. I should get an email/wavelet where I can see all waves pending my approval for being a participant in there.

# When adding a new participant to the wave, I should decide whether he can see playback from creation of the wave, or from the moment he was added in.

# Smiley / Emoticons in waves.

# If I, as a creator of wave, add someone (by mistake), then I should be able to remove him/her before/after his approval to join.

# Export participants of a wave and import them in another wave. [view]

# Enable typing in draft mode.

# Right-click menus.

# Nick-names for my contacts - visible only to me.

# Pages. When a wave becomes loooong, then, viewer should have option to view it in a single page, or in multiple pages.

# Skins / Themes like in Gmail.