Wednesday, June 21, 2006

India's growth in Orkut

This post is in continuation to my post on Orkut.

Here are some statistics about % of orkut members :

Brazil : 68.26%
United States : 12.50%
India : 5.40%
Pakistan : 1.99%
Iran : 1.66%
Source : as on 1940 hrs IST 19th June, 2006.

United States 43.11%
Brazil 15.02%
Japan 5.66%
Netherlands 3.49%
United Kingdom 3.28%
India 2.97%
As on 5/14/2004 as claimed by a post on

Indian presence is growing faster than Orkut's growth. And given India's population, I figure there's still room for a lot of growth.

Do you know what could cause the rapid growth of orkut in India ??

Some more data about orkut is at

1. Percentage of users on orkut from U.S. (13.03%) is now(July 25,2006 1544 IST) less than double than that of Indians (6.85%)!

2. I don't know how many of you are following this, but for Indians it has become easy to find their school-mates on orkut. This is because the percentage of orkut users from India is 7.12% (July 31,2006 1744 IST)

3. Right now, Indians have a share of 12% though still on 3rd position (December 11, 2006 1812 IST)

4. 12.69% Indians as against 16.9% from US on January 15,2007 2100 IST

5. Orkut demographics -> 15.22% from India, 18.92% from United States, 1.32% from Pakistan and 1st is still Brazil with lion's share of 55.48% as on June 19, 2007 0720 IST


Gopu said...

No Updates eh??

Anonymous said...

India -> 15.43% and counting
Thanks to all the fake profiles .. huh!!

CyArena said...

Nice to see that alot of indian is crazy about orkut .. and alot of websites like is providing orkut india graphics scraps in hindi :)