Friday, August 18, 2006

Are there limits for sending mail in gmail ?

Gmail has a number of sending limits in place to prevent abuse of the system, and to help fight spam. If you reach one of Gmail's limits, you'll be temporarily unable to send mail. Common causes include:
  1. Sending a message to more than 500 recipients. You can send a single message to a maximum of 500 recipients. Their email addresses can be distributed among the 'To:,' 'Cc:,' and 'Bcc:' fields.
    • If you communicate with the same group of people on a regular basis, you might be interested in Google Groups.
  2. Sending a large number of undeliverable messages.
    • Gmail suggest verifying your contacts' email addresses. Make sure the email addresses you're sending mail to are valid. It's also important that everyone you are sending mail to is willing to receive it. Learn more about best practices for sending a large amount of mail through Gmail.

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