Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Race for Optimizing IE7

Both Google and Yahoo try to convince IE6 users to upgrade to their version of IE7. Yahoo does that by promoting the bundle on each and every search results page, while Google bought some AdWords for "ie7".

I wonder if there's a strict template companies should follow or Google and Yahoo are completely unimaginative.

Update: Jeremy Zawodny, from Yahoo, says there's no template and Google copied Yahoo's page. Google changed the page and Matt Cutts wrote a short post about Yahoo copying Google.
I can’t say why someone at Google would decide to do that, but to the Yahoo! UI designer whose page was copied: my apologies. In my personal opinion, it sucks when someone else copies a page layout without attribution.
Worth Reading: Comment by Matt Cutt on Jeremy Zawodny's blog.


Soyapi said...

I'm not surprised. Didn't you notice the two o's in both Google and Yahoo!? :)

Or maybe they're just being Agile!

Akshita said...

This is very low for Google. I couldn't imagine this kind of things at the level they are. Probably someone should be fired asap.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo had a search box way before Google did. That’s a lot of copying right there.

mitanshu said...

It can be possible that Google wanted to highlight that yahoo is copying their HTML for ads. So they took this measure and waited for yahoo to react and then they will have right time and enough audience to see yahoo's copying.

See the way Matt writes in comments in Jeremy Zawodny's blog:
- I also discuss 1-2 other instances of copying I've seen.

and in comments of his own blog:
- Michael, it wouldn’t really be balanced. Google would have to remove a single page that was seen maybe a few thousand times since Google put the page up on Friday. But tens of millions of people have seen Yahoo’s search results every day for the last couple years. Imagine if all those billions of page views had to be undone.

Anonymous said...

Mitanshu, seeing the other posts of your blog I think that you may not see the difference. But Google as a company does. Google understands that it did a mistake. Evidence: they have corrected it. The attempt to correct is an admission of guilt. The only things remaining for Google to do are explicitly accepting the guilt and give Yahoo people credit and apology.