Wednesday, June 25, 2008 Meet your neighbors

While social networking websites (like orkut, facebook, myspace) allows you to find and connect with your friends, make new friends who share common interests, but will people use social networks to socialize with their neighbors? provides a local social network for residents in apartments. The website creates password-protected Web portals for apartment buildings and housing developments, allowing residents to create profiles of themselves, share information and reviews about favorite local service providers and hangouts and discuss about the problems in their apartment buildings.

Living in the same apartment means residents share the same socioeconomic background, and giving neighbors information on things like where to eat and where to shop makes it very convenient for residents.

The residents at can
  • Create their profile to introduce themselves to their neighbors.
  • Get locality information through neighborhood guide.
  • Create and learn about neighborhood events.
  • See what others have to say about local service providers and add their own opinions.
  • Get opinion on important issues from your neighbors through polls.
  • Share documents of interest to your neighborhood.
  • Buy / Sell items through marketPlace.
To get your apartment a common floor, visit

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Idea looks intersting.