Thursday, April 12, 2007

ISHRAT - Jawahar Bhawan Day

The day of joy for every bhawan inmate in IIT-R is the day when we celebrate our Bhawan Day. Scheduled in the lovely season of spring, bhawan day brings color joy and laughter to the every day monotonous life of a hostel inmate. With a stage ready to showcase our talent, its our shot at fame in front of the packed audience. Its a festive day and a festive mood for us to enjoy.
Jawahar Bhawan had its bhawan day on April 11, 2007. This bhawan day was publicized using a flex at the central location in from of DOMS, and it is very popular in the campus due to its location in front of Sarojini Bhawan and is always a much awaited event because of the crowd it pulls. However, this time it turned out to be a complete chaos. (No! I am not talking about Chaos - the biggest gaming event in North India during Cognizance).

The number of events in the cultural night were more than what the impatient crowd could tolerate. With every passing event, it was expected that the great(-?) anchor(s) Mr. Paramjit will call upon the chief guest and will act as saviour for the people who left their mess food to enjoy the delicious food of the bhawan day. However, every event that you tolerate, is just another mistake to you.

The conspiracy to make the devil rise from within the masses reached its peak when they started with prize distribution at around 9pm, when all messes in other hostels closed for the day. Prizes were given to the inmates for as many reasons as you can think of! Just to test the tolerance limit and endurance strength of the crowd, number of councillors were increased in real time. When they ended, I was wondering, why prizes were not given for taking the coupons for the bhawan day! or rather for chosing this bhawan for your stay in the campus!

The function advanced and the fight started to pass through the heavily chained door to fill our stomachs with what they call as celebration food.

"hamari mess khaali karo!"
"1-2-3-4, band karo yeh atyachaar"
"inqalab! zindabaad!"
"arey bakre ko bhi khilla kar maara jaata hai"

Even the song sutta was revisited.

The mess gates were finally opened at 10pm sharp (IST!!) for those lucky guys who were standing very near to the gate. Body waves carried the people inside and then they witnessed the food about which I have mentioned about 2-3 times before. It was prepared well enough so that you can leave the hall within few minutes so that others can be given entry in the mess.

I think all credit goes to the management/organizing committee of Jawahar Bhawan Day. Extremely Well planned. A perfect walk through hell.

Don't you think that the people behind this should post a apology to all the students at IIT-R???

Or do you think that this was their way of saying, 'We hate bhawan days. Now, we think even you do!'


k@p$ said...

indeed it was one of the worst B days
i have ever seen i fully agreee wid author's view that persons responsible for that mess should publicly apologise

Aditya said...

Hi mitanshu.I can feel your agony and the pain in which you wrote this article. As an experienced Jawaharite i think i took some good decisions yesterday.At first i didnt come out of my room for a while coz i had witnessed the torture of last year's bhwn day. The same old pathetic anchor cant be digested for two consecutive years. But i realised the situation had gone worse when i found guys queued up for food at a time as late as 10:45pm!!! The cold-drinks got finished much earlier and a lot of poor fellows could be seen blaming their fate!! Was it fate or the mismanagement?? In fact i had already given my dinner coupon to those who came in search of 'good food'..haha. i had suffered a serious stomachache when i had my supper at govinds bhwn day.Jawahar ke food ki quality to sabhi jaante hi hain, i couldnt risk my life for the bhwn day 'special'.I pray for the poor guy who took my dinner coupon.