Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sri Lanka beats India

Sri Lanka beat India to not only advance to the next round of World Cup Cricket, they have probably eliminated India entirely. India are almost certain to follow Pakistan out of the World Cup after a 69-run defeat by Sri Lanka in Trinidad. The remote hope for the 2003 finalists is Bermuda beating Bangladesh on Sunday.
Dravid : "I thought it (255) was a good score to chase. We had the batting, we had an extra batsman, but we kept losing wickets."
The media who host the various programs have more to lose I guess. They have all these ads giving them big revenues. And now, all has been a waste of time, atleast for the advertisers. All the channels would lose out on a major chunk of the sponsorship. So, what do they do instead ?

Chappel : "It is a very emotional time for a lot of people and in the light of recent incidents I'm not going to be making any comments on what is wrong with anything or anybody.

Kiran More: "The big disappointment for India was their batting. We failed to score 200 against Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and our batting was a total failure"

However, this was the 1st time I saw any Indian cricket match on a big screen. IIT Roorkee in having its annual technical festival - Cognizance 2007 (March 23 - 25). For the entertainment of the crowds (both insiders and outsiders), India Vs. Sri Lanka match was aired live. The crowd turned out to be awesome.

However, as the Indian innings progressed, the loud cheers "Hoo Ha India .. aaya India!" died down and there were just handful of students remaining to see India lose their 10th wicket.

Krish Srikkanth writes in his blog : Bermuda might cause a sensational upset by beating Bangladesh and pave the way for the men in blue to enter the super eight, but that was not the way it was meant to be.

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good post nice blog its sad for me world cup is over well i never njoyed since ganguly wasnt there