Monday, August 06, 2007

Ban Karo! Social Spam Filtering is a social spam filtering platform, powered by community participation to ban un-solicited and intrusive telemarketing calls. Started by 2 Computer Engineering students from IIT Roorkee and 1 from IIT Kharagpur.

Telemarketing spam is a menace which is only likely to grow by leaps and bounds in India. Now users have the power of deciding whether to pick up the call.

Ban Karo is designed as a special-purpose social network. Every user receives a set of new telemarketing spam numbers on a periodic basis, via SMS, the website, or browser extensions. These numbers are passed through the user's circle of trust [connections that (s)he's built up in the network]. The circle of trust, in turn, acts as a social filtering mechanism which ensures that only those numbers which are most likely to call up the user and irritate him/her are on the list.

This is an invite only service so steal, beg or borrow an invite and join the BanKaro! revolution

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