Saturday, March 07, 2009

Energy Saved => Energy Got

Climate Savers Computing Initiative (CSCI) has launched the Power Down for the Planet video contest, a challenge to develop original and creative videos that educate, entertain, and inform about the importance of energy efficient computing.

Did you know?
The annual CO2 savings from using power management is greater than the CO2 savings achieved by lowering your home thermostat 2 deg. Fahrenheit in the winter, washing your clothes only in cold water, or giving up your car two days out of every month.*

*(Based on U.S. Census Bureau estimate of the number of college students, Harris Interactive estimate of the percentage of students that own desktop computers, U.S. Department of Energy estimate of average CO2 per KW/hr, U.S. EPA estimate of average tons of CO2 produced per car, and an average energy cost of $0.0885/KW.)

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Ernesto said...

Thats true dude, we all need to be responsible citizens..I have learnt it the hard way by paying my hostel electricity bill

Satya Vyas