Thursday, July 21, 2005

Bulk Email Marketing

There's alot of misconceptions out there about bulk email marketing and I want all of my visitors to be aware and beware of them.

First, the definition of bulk email marketing varies depending on who you ask. Some people refer to it as mass marketing, direct marketing, or opt-in marketing of a product or service to 2 or more people simultaneously via their email address. People who prefer that definition are usually the senders of the email. Others refer to bulk email marketing as SPAM. Those people are usually the recipients of bulk email marketing.

SPAM has grown to be the universal term to describe any unwanted, unethical, or unproductive activity performed on the Internet. In the case of bulk email marketing, SPAM is any unsolicited commercial or junk email.

Commercial email does have its benefits for both businesses and consumers.Getting labeled as a "SPAMMER" can get your business in a whole lot of trouble. It can get all of your company's email addresses blocked from sending any email of any kind to entire email networks (AOL, MSN, YAHOO, etc.). It can get your site blocked by those networks as well. It can get your site banned from the search engines. Finally, it can get your site kicked off of your host's servers.With this information in mind you should really think twice before you send out any advertisements using email. There are many companies online that sell lists of thousands of email addresses claiming that the owners have knowingly and freely "opted-in" to receive unsolicited emails.
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