Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Want to Create a Free Website? Think Again.

This article may sound a little harsh to some. It's not meant to be as I am just stating the facts from personal experiences. I don't think many people realize the number of disadvantages that go along with free websites. That's why I've written this article.

Don't make the same mistake I did.I vowed to never go the "free route" again. Creating your site from scratch with its own dot com name is affordable and definitely worth the small investment.

It amazes me how many people try to build serious websites with free web host providers. Granted, we all love things in life that are marked "free", but it doesn't always make sense to go that route if it will cost you more in the long run

Parking your site at a free host is like building a house on sand. It may be quick and and it may seem easy at first, but I can almost guarantee you it won't last long.

Disadvantages of Free Web Hosts

1. Limited web page space
2. Can't add interactive features (chat rooms, message boards, games, online ordering etc.)
3. Search engines often ignore them A Huge disadvantage! (Although NOT with me)
4. May have banners and/or pop ads on your homepage and/or all of your pages
5. Long and hard-to-remember web address (instead of
6. No guarantees of site availability and longevity
7. No branded emails addresses (
8. Poor help and support options (if any)
9. May not be free forever

Advantages of Owning Your Own Dot Com Name

1. Easy to remember website address (
2. No banners or popups
3. Easier to get listed in search engines (Google, Yahoo etc.)
4. You have more control over the look and feel of your website.
5. Multiple branded email addresses (
6. Plenty of web page space for site expansion
7. No worries of site being removed unexpectedly
8. Looks more professional and often easier to get listed with search engines (Google)
9. More flexibility for design and functionality
10. Help is readily available.

I have a complete article. If you feel like reading it then mail me on mitanshu dot garg @gmail dot com.

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Bill said...

It is a fact that the strongest and the most popular word is FREE! However, it has lost it's touch.

"There is no such thing as a free lunch".

Although I for some people the benefits of something FREE are greater then the costs!

Something to think about...