Saturday, July 16, 2005

Finally back to IITR

Finally...Mitanshu has come back to IIT Roorkee.The journey gave me a lot of trouble during my way fom Delhi to Roorkee in a DTC bus. Firstly; the bus was not moving but instead crawling...then it made a huge sound and broke down...waiting on the road 44 Kms. away from Roorkee for another DTC bus was really embarrasing. Then finally one came which maintained the average speed of previous bus but presence of my friend from IIT Roorkee in that bus gave me some relief.Somehow; I reached IIT Roorkee at 5.30 pm and then I went to my new room in Govind Bhawan. Let's see what the destiny has in store for me in my 3rd semester @ IIT Roorkee . Also the wait of all fans of Harry Potter around the world came to an end with the release of Harry Potter and the Half Blodded Prince.

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