Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bangladesh upset India in World Cup

Bangladesh produced one of the biggest shocks in World Cup history with a five-wicket victory over India in a Group B game on Saturday.

Bangladesh has witnessed some memorable victories in ODI cricket but nothing compares to today’s victory against India in World Cup Cricket 2007. It is the greatest and most memorable victory because from the first over of the match, Bangladesh dominated India. It was a one sided match and India failed to offer any sort of resistance against Bangladesh. Bangladeshi players were always in control. In the end, Bangladesh won by 5 wickets.

Here is some dialogues from TV room of Govind Bhawan, IIT Roorkee during the game:
Most of this part is in Hindi, so sorry non-Hindi folks.

"Bangladesh ne bekar bowling ki... even Sehwag was able to score 2 runs"
( at Sehwag's dismissal)
"Indians haaton main makhhan laga kar aaye hain kya ???"
(when dhoni droppped the catch)
"inko bolo ki 50 overs ka match hai...itni jaldi over mat karo .. vaise bhi aaj night out maarni hai"
(when zaheer gave around 15 runs in some over)
"Ganguly hamesha team se alag rehta hai... sabke saath mill kar nahin chalta"
(when Ganguly completed his 50)
"arey ek no-ball de kar gam khatam kar .. sona hai"
(when there were few dot balls before bangladesh scored that last run!)
"lagta hai India-Pakistan ek hi flight se waapas aayenge!"
(after Ireland defeated pakistan)

India might have a more celebrated top order but it was the Bangladesh middle order and fast bowling attack that was clearly better on the day.
Rahul Dravid : We didn't get enough runs on the board. I thought 240 would have been a good score but the wicket surprised us. Their bowlers kept it really tight and they didn't let us get away. We know we've got to win two games now. We've got our backs to the wall and have got to fight pretty hard.

Let's wish good luck to Team India for their remaining matches!


Varun said...

This is really the most memorable win for Bangladesh as this was their first WC'07 match and they won it when hardly anyone was thinking them in game when the match started.

They have already stunned Kiwis and I wish they will keep the show on.

loka said...

Though for Bangladesh is obviously a
memorable win........but as far as india is concerned i don't want 2 criticize dem any more.....coz by doin dat we only waste our time,energy n everythng..........
but guided by an indian instinct i can't help commenting on them.
basically wat advantage we'll get if india doesn't make it to the next round:
1)a lot of time,energy 'll b saved not only for india but 4 d whole world also as we r in large numbers.
2)they hav been tryin 2 make our wit,mentallity strong as well as our adjective store get enhanced n our analysing power'll increase in order 2 discover new dialogues n criticism statement..........
3)moreover our gdp'll increase.....
n manythngs'd happen.

only thing we'd lose is some ad campaign 'll b ruined....some brand'll diminish thr value.....
and the india'd n't hav any sports in which they'd excel(NB:its a common misconception that india is a cricketin power)