Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Let's Hope this is the beginning

Admittedly, we did achieved that against a weak team like Bermuda. The usual association of Indians with Bermuda is its dreaded triangle which reportedly has claimed many ships and planes. I guess by now getting a jolt at the beginning of every World Cup campaign is mandatory for India. Team India almost seems to thrive in the face of such reverses. Unfortunately, they will not have Pakistan at later stages (if they make it) to recharge their batteries. Probably getting beat by an resurgent Bangladesh team was just the thing the complacent team needed.

This time, I couldn't get many dialogues from TV room of Govind Bhawan, IIT Roorkee during the game because of loud cheers from the fans but still I managed 1
This part is in Hindi, so sorry non-Hindi folks.

"Bacche ki jaan loge kya!!!"
(after Yuvraj scored his 50 and seeing the plight of Bermuda bowlers!)